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Lassie Program

The California Shorthorn Lassie Association is the ladies auxillary organization of the California Shorthorn Breeders Association. The ladies work together to promote the Shorthorn breed through promotational items, clothing, and most importantly the selection of the young ladies who will represent the Shorthorn Breeders and Junior members in California. Every October the CSLA selects the California Shorthorn Lassie Queen, the Alternate California Shorthorn Lassie Queen, and the California Shorthorn Lassie Princesses. Dues are due at the Annual Banquet at the Spotlight on Quality Sale.

Any young lady who is involved with Shorthorn cattle and is between the ages of 16 and 21 as of January 1st is encouraged to apply for the Alternate California Shorthorn Lassie Queen. Young ladies between the ages of 12 and 21 are encouraged to run for California Shorthorn Lassie Princess. Applications are due October¬†26th to Amanda McKeith ([email protected]).¬†

President - Jane Mello

Vice President - Sherri Gipe

Secretary - Amanda McKeith

Treasurer - Amy Whitfield

2017-2018 - California Shorthorn Lassie Princess - Taylor Vannest